About Us


Obtaining information and assistance for unemployment claimants from traditional sources (government agencies)  has been extremely difficult if not impossible over the past eighteen months.  Yet, having information and knowledge on how to navigate the unemployment maze is the key to obtaining benefits.  For many people unemployment benefits are a vital lifeline that provides crucial financial support to help them get through this challenging time. 

At Calling App Reviews we understand your challenges and are doing what we can with relevant and timely information to make your journey a bit easier.  We are a private organization dedicated to providing information and tools to unemployment claimants seeking assistance in reaching their unemployment office.  We are not associated with the EDD or any state unemployment agency.

Content published on this website is derived from a variety of research sources.  Sources for information include the EDD website and correspondence; US Department of Labor; You-Tube channels, social media sites including Reddit; and feedback and experiences from dozens of unemployment claimants some of whom have used the calling apps reviewed on this website.  Where appropriate we will note the source for the content published on various pages of this website.