What you can expect when using Claimyr

Signing up for Claimyr is real simple.  There are just a few screens and a minimal amount of information you need to provide.
After clicking a referral link found on this website, you’ll see the first screen. Click on the green button with the phone image.  

Note: To get the call for the discounted rate of $14.99 you’ll need to click on this link or one of the other referral links found on this website.

On the second screen select your state.  After this, the next screen asks for your phone number.  There are a couple more screens after this, so just follow the prompts.
When Claimyr gets to a hold line, the system will call you back.  You will see the EDD phone number 800-500-3616 pop up on your phone.  Answer the phone  and you are now on hold with the EDD.  Do not press your hold button. You should be hearing the EDD music.
Note:  Once you answer the phone, Claimyr is no longer on the call. It’s now a two-way call between you and EDD. Be patient as you wait for a representative to get on the line. 
EDD Call Center & EDD customer service
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  • Be nice to EDD phone agents.  It’s not their fault the system is messed up.    
  • Give the representative your phone number as soon as they get on the line and ask him/her to call you back if the call gets disconnected. Sometimes this works if you get disconnected, agents have been known to call back.  But it’s hit and miss.
  • It has been reported by claimants that while you are on hold to enter a number or two on your phone keypad every ten minutes or so as this will reduce your changes of getting disconnected. 
  • EDD call center is open for calls 8 am to 8 pm seven days per week.  Best to begin your call before 6:30 pm so you have adequate time for being on hold and for an agent to fix  your claim.
Remember you have a guarantee when using Claimyr that if your call gets disconnected, Claimyr will replace it at no cost to you within the next 24 hours.

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