FAQs - Expiration of EDD Benefits Sept 4th.

  • 1.) I still have a claim balance. Can I get this paid out to me in one lump sum?
    • No. You cannot get your claim balance paid out in a lump sum.  If you are on one of the programs that ends September 4th, your claim balance disappears.  Your claim balance is not really yours until you satisfy the eligibility requirements.  One of those eligibility requirements is that the program is active.
  • 2.) I am still owed money from claim weeks I certified for prior to September 4th. Will I get this money?
    • Yes, if you were eligible for payments during the time prior to the program ending September 4th, you are still entitled to collect those funds, even it they are paid out after September 4th.
  • 3.) I was awarded a new claim in April, but was put on a PEUC extension on my old claim. What now?

    Your extension ends September 4th. The claim you filed in April was deferred, likely because the weekly benefit amount it would pay was at least $25 less than your old claim.  Now, after September 4,th you will be put back on this deferred claim.  There is no federal boost of $300, just the weekly benefit amount.  You will certify as you normally do, every two weeks.  This deferred claim is a regular UI claim and has a duration of 26 weeks and begins on September 5.  EDD says they will file this deferred claim automatically.  If this new claim does not appear in your online UI account by the time your next certification date you will need to call into customer service and have them load it manually.

  • 4.) Can I apply for a new claim?

    Maybe it depends.  If you are still within your benefit year the answer is no.   You are only allowed one claim per year.   A traditional UI claim is good for 26 weeks.  If you are not within your benefit year, then you are eligible to apply for a new claim. 

  • 5.) How can I find out what type of claim I am on?

    Go to your UI online account and select the History tab and scroll to the right, select “transactions”. Look for the most recent program type.   If you see PUA and DUA they are the same program for most people, PUA. The exception is if you became unemployed as a result of a disaster, like wildfires or an earthquake you would be regular DUA.    

  • 6.) Is there any chance the programs will be extended?

    Not likely.  At the federal level, the current sentiment around Washington DC and the most of the country is it’s time to get back to work. Keep in mind, twenty-six states opted out of the federal unemployment programs early. That’s half the country turning away federal funds.   The most recent comment regarding the extension is from the Labor Department who released a statement that said, if the states want to extend the unemployment benefits it would be up to each state to decide  and that states could use left over funds from the American Rescue Plan to pay for any extension at state would enact.  Of course, the one wildcard in this situation is virus. 

  • 7.) I believe I qualify for the DNCP program but have not been able to certify.

    EDD was supposed to migrate eligible claimants automatically to the DNCP, Deferred New Claim Payment program.  However, this has not happened.  If you have not been able to certify you will need to call into EDD customer service and find out what the issue is.   If you want to read more about the DNCP program, click here.