Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1.) How does it work?
    Claimyr is a computer program.  The program auto dials the EDD customer service phone line relieving you of the ordeal and time associated with manual dialing numerous times.  Because it’s a computer program, it’s dialing is quick and precise.  Claimyr compresses the time between EDD phone prompts.  See are more detailed explanation on how Claimyr work on the Staff Review found on this website. Staff Review of Claimyr
  • 2.) Who should use it?
    If you are an EDD claimant and your claim is stuck on pending or you have another issue where  a phone call with someone from EDD is the best way to resolve it.  If you are an EDD claimant and faster response in getting your claim issue resolved.   Most claimants report that when speaking with an EDD representative they usually get their situation resolved.   The frustration has been trying to get to speak with someone from EDD.  Claimyr is the solution for this problem.
  • 3.) Is this company legit?
    Yes. The company is registered with the Secretary of State in California.  Claimyr has a website, facebook page, Linked-in profile and has been accessible by customers and is responsive to customers.
  • 4.) Does this calling app jam-up the phone lines so people that aren’t using the service can’t get through?
    The answer, in the case of Claimyr is No.   Claimyr is a proxy dialing app, meaning it calls on behalf of a single caller at time.   The Claimyr app doesn’t place a the call until someone has ordered a call.   You can learn more about how Claimyr works by reviewing the Staff Review of Claimyr found on this website. 
  • 5.) I don’t like the idea of having to pay to call a government agency. Shouldn’t access to government services be free? I mean isn’t this what taxes are for?
    No one likes to pay for accessing a government agency.  However, keep in mind the charge for using these services does not go to EDD.  It goes to a private company.  A private company that has Invested its own resources to develop a solution and is delivering value to its customers.   No one is forcing anyone to use the service.  It’s up to you whether you think it’s worth it or not.  There are other tricks to try and get through EDD that don’t cost anything but your time.  Perhaps, you can try those first. 
  • 6.) Is this a company taking advantage of the situation?
    Claimyr is solving a problem.   They are filling a need.   The creator of Claimyr was on unemployment himself and experienced massive frustration in trying to get through to speak with someone at EDD.  Rather than whine and complain about it, he took action and developed a solution.  A solution that worked for the founders of Claimyr and those in their test group.  Today, the service can deliver results for others.   This is an example of our American system of capitalism.  There’s a definite need for this service and so someone devises a solution to address the need.  Good for them.   EDD has demonstrated over the past year that they are not able to fullfill many of the needs of their claimants.   This creates a situation for enterprising entrepreneurs.  A number of Youtubers have established information channels providing helpful information about dealing with EDD claims.  Although, these YouTubers are not paid directly from viewers for their content, they are compensated indirectly through advertising revenue.  Good for them.  If there was no incentive/reward of advertising revenue, it’s doubtful they would be producing content.  Here again, they are filling a need.  Entrepreneurs that invest their time and resources to develop solutions to problems deserve a return on their investments. This is not a situation to be ashamed of or apologize for.  This is capitalism at work and a system we should feel fortunate to have.   Consumers have the power to decide, and vote with their wallet or their attention, whether or not the service offered is of value to them.    No one is forcing anyone to use any of the aftermentioned services, or any other product or service for that matter.  Now, three cheers for capitalism.
  • 7.) Am I risking exposing my personal information with this service?
    This concern has been raised on Reddit, but it’s completely unfounded.   Claimyr is not listening in on the call.  It’s NOT a conference call.   Claimyr is a dialing program(app) that merely makes the connection from your phone line to the EDD phone line. It replicates what you can do by dialing fast and frequently, but because it’s a program, it is very efficient when it’s calling on your behalf.   You have more risk of exposing your personal information with people from EDD.   Bonus Pro Tip:  Claimants can use their EDD account number in place of their social security number when talking to EDD or their state assembly person.  You can find this number on some of the written correspondence EDD has sent you via regular mail over the past year.  Most of us have glanced over this number and don’t realize that the purpose of this number is to reduce claimants exposing some of their most sensitive personal information
  • 9.) Is there a guarantee?
    Yes.  If you get disconnected while on hold with EDD or they hang up on you, Claimyr will give you another call at no cost to you within 24 hours.  Getting disconnected from EDD happens frequently.  This guarantee is very generous, especially when you consider it’s not Claimyr’s responsibility for what happens to the call once you are connected to a hold line. The disconnected calls are the fault of EDD.    Claimyr will text you a follow-up after your call to make sure your call went through okay and you are satisfied.   If you get disconnected, let Claimyr know by responding to the text message.
  • 10.) How can I get a discount?
    You can save yourself $5 off by using this link.   You will also help supporting this website and the reviews of consumers using these services.
  • 11.) Money is very tight for me right now, my only income is unemployment benefits.
    It’s understandable that for a lot of folks finances have been stretched to the max then then some.  If getting your claim issue resolved as fast as possible is important and speaking to someone at EDD is the best or only way, then you need to make speaking with an EDD representative a top priority. 
    If you’ve tried calling yourself and you’re exasperated in trying to get through, spend the $15 bucks, use Claimyr and get the job done.  Get your benefits flowing again and that vital cash flow.  When money is tight that’s all the more reason the sooner you get your claim issue resolved and cash flowing to you the better.  Many bills charge late fees.  As an example, most credit cards charge $35 if you’re late in paying your bill.  The point here is that the price if Claimyr is half of what a single late fee is.  For most people the sooner they get the benefits flowing again the better.  We’re taking about spending $15 to get several hundred dollars and in some cases thousands.  It seems like a good use of fifteen bucks.
  • Speak with an EDD representative today and fix your claim.  Click here to Get-Claimyr