Staff Review of Claimyr

Our experts have used Claimyr for calling the California EDD office.  In addition to our own first hand experiences we’ve also reviewed other sources including  websites Reddit and YouTube for consumer experiences. The Claimyr website and public statements from executives of Claimyr have also been a sources of information.  Having proven itself effective in California, Claimyr is now available in other states. 
Staff Review of Claimyr

Here is what we've found about Claimyr

The Situation with Calling EDD

Most unemployment agencies throughout the country have been overwhelmed during the pandemic.   For instance,  in California as recently as July 20th, there have been over a million claims stalled waiting for some item to be fixed.   On July 22nd the EDD announced a new conditional payment program to pay an estimated 100,000 of these pending claim.  Even with this effort there remains an overwhelming number of stalled claims needing some type of action by either the EDD or a claimant.  Other states have similar problems.
In the majority of cases, the EDD does not contact claimants about claim problems.  Instead, claimants are left in the dark and must contact EDD to get their claim issue fixed.    
Unemployment phone systems are overwhelmed making it near impossible for claimants to get through.  The California EDD call center receives over three million calls per week, yet they answer less than ten percent of those calls. (Call Center Stats)   If one is fortunate to get through, they can expect a long hold time. If that is not bad enough, once on hold there’s a real chance of getting disconnected or hung up on. 

A Solution to the Rescue

A victim of the pandemic and losing his business, Thomas Maxon looked to file for unemployment benefits to get some cash coming in.
Getting benefits from EDD  was a life saver.   However, without explanation his claim all of a sudden stopped paying and he got stuck on pending, halting the vital cash flow. In trying to get through to the EDD to fix his payments, he grew extremely frustrated with trying to reach someone.   He called several hundred times a week and was not able to get through.  With his technology background, Thomas developed a computer program that would call for him.    After some testing and some programming tweaks, a short time later, Claimyr was born.

What it Does

The Claimyr system automatically dials the unemployment phone system for you and gets you to a hold line.  Once Claimyr has a hold line established, the system calls you back and the connection is now between you and your unemployment office.   You’re on hold in the que waiting to speak to a representative – a major accomplishment.

How it Works

At the sign-up page, Claimyr will prompt you for some basic information including the state unemployment office you want to reach and your phone number. Once you’ve finished signing up,  just wait for a call back from Claimyr. The Claimyr system will begin auto-dialing the unemployment customer service line.  As soon as they get to a hold line the Claimyr system will call you back.  The service gets you to a hold line and relieves you of the ordeal of dialing over and over again.  While the Claimyr system is doing the dialing  and you’re waiting for it to call you back you can be doing other things. 
It typically takes anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour for Claimyr to get you to a hold line.  Once you have a call back from Claimyr and are on a hold line, Claimyr is no longer on the call.  It’s now a two way call between you and your unemployment office. 
After your call you will get a text message from Claimyr checking with you to make sure your call wasn’t disconnected.  If your call drops or gets disconnected,  just let Claimyr know by responding to the text message and they will replace the call within 24 hours at no cost to you.  This is a generous guarantee, especially since you realize it’s not  the responsibility of Claimyr if your unemployment office  drops your call or hangs up on you, yet they’re willing to give you another call if/when that happens.

Common Concerns

Sensitive personal information exposed during the call
 This concern has been expressed on Reddit by some EDD claimants.  This is not a valid concern.  Claimyr is not on your call.   Claimyr does not listen in on your phone conversations. Their system makes a two way connection, first between Claimyr and the EDD and then once the EDD is on the line, they put you in their place.
The Claimyr system is not a three way call.  It is not a conference call.  
Clogging-up phone lines
Some people are of the opinion that Claimyr is jamming up the phone lines and keeping others from being able to get through.  While this may be the situation with other auto-dialing services, this is not the way Claimyr works. 
Claimyr is a proxy-dialer, meaning it dials a single line for a single customer and it only initiates a call when a person wants to place a call.   The reason Claimyr is able to get through is due to the efficiency and precision of how computer programs work.  Claimyr dials the same phone number you dial and it  goes through the same menu and prompts that you do.  Claimyr is programed for each state it provides the service.  For instance, the California EDD phone menu has three prompts before you reach either a hold line or hear the dreaded recording, “we’re currently receiving more calls then we can handle and are unable to …”
The first prompt happens right away within the first 9 seconds and asks the caller to choose English or Spanish.  The second prompt happens after 80 seconds.  The third prompt is another 19 seconds after a response is made to the second prompt.   What a computer program is able to do is to be precise in how long it waits before entering a response to the prompt.  So, if the first prompt is exactly 9 seconds, the computer program enters the response to this prompt at exactly 9 seconds.  Not a second before and not a millisecond after.
A human dialing will not be as precise and will enter responses milliseconds or even seconds after the optimal time.  And if a human tries to respond to a prompt before the precise time, the system won’t take the response and it will have to be entered again.
A few seconds or milliseconds may not seem like a lot of time, but when you consider there are three prompts and there are thousands of calls coming into the system every day, these few seconds add up.  Especially, when it’s time to hang up on the call when you reach the last portion that says, “we are currently receiving more calls than we can handle and are unable to…. “.  Humans dialing usually wastes several seconds on this portion alone.  The computer program hangs up and redials at the exact optimal time.  Not too soon, and not too long.
So what Claimyr does is essentially compress  the amount of  dialing time spent getting through the unemployment office recordings and prompts and speeds up the time it takes to get to either a hold line or the dreaded recording when you learn your call is not going to get you to a hold line.   Claimyr, actually reduces the time on the phone system and reduces congestion.  It’s important to note that not all auto-dialing services work this way.
The illustration below shows the how Claimyr works for the California  phone system.  In other states, Claimyr works similar.  Phone prompts and compares a human dialing the EDD compared to Claimyr dialing.  You see in the illustration, Claimyr saves several seconds for every call it makes.   Given, Claimyr only calls on behalf of a single person using a single line they are not jamming the phone lines, but in fact reducing congestion on the phone lines.


How Claimyr works to call the EDD


The cost for using Claimyr is $14.99 if you use the affiliate
Get-Claimyr link  or click on the button found at the bottom of this page you’ll save $5 and it comes with a guarantee that if your call gets dropped or you get disconnected, Claimyr will replace the call at no cost to you within 24 hours.    Without the affiliate link, the Claimyr service is $20.


If you’ve tried calling your unemployment office and have been frustrated in getting through, Claimyr will deliver for you .  The app works.   You can read the reviews of people that have used it and they are delighted.  They got through to their unemployment office, got their claim fixed and got money flowing again.   We realize that if your primary source of income is unemployment, money is probably tight for you and you need to watch your spending.  If you’re in this situation, this is all the more reason you should make getting your claim fixed an urgent priority.  
A credit card late fee is typically $35, so the sooner you get your claim fixed the better it is for you.  Claimyr is half the price of a typical creditor late fee. In many cases, claimants have hundreds if not thousands of dollars of benefits stalled by some issue or glitch where speaking to a person at your unemployment office is necessary to unblock benefits.  Spending $15 to get hundreds of dollars is a smart move.   Sign up for Claimyr now and get the job done. 
Note: If you use this service, make sure you give yourself adequate time after you get connected to your unemployment hold line to hold and speak with a representative.  Check your unemployment customer service hours of operation. In California,  EDD is open seven days a week from 8 am to 8 pm. It is recommended you initiate your call two hours before closing to give yourself adequate time to get to a hold line, hold and speak to a representative.

The End of Staff Review of Claimyr

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