What Happens After September 4th?

On Saturday, September 4th,  2021 federal unemployment programs that were enacted due to the pandemic have expired and benefits are no longer payable after this date.  Expired programs include:                              

  • PEUC or Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation ;
  • PUA or Pandemic Unemployment Assistance;
  • MEUC or Multiple Earner Unemployment Compensation;
  • FPUEC or Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (the federal boost of $300 per week.)    
Fed-Ed, a federal program that was viable before the pandemic, expires September 11, 2021. Fed Ed is based on economic conditions and was not a program enacted for the pandemic. Economic conditions have improved to the level where the program gets de-activated.  EDD estimates that 980,000 PEUC claimants are eligible for one-week of  FED-ED benefits up until September 11th when the program expires.    

I Am Still Unemployed. Now What?

There are Two Benefit Options Remaining:

  • DNPP Deferred New Claim Payment Program

If you applied and were awarded a new claim in the past year, but instead of being placed on the new claim you were placed on an extension, your new claim was deferred. This happened if your new weekly benefit amount was going to be at least $25 less than your old weekly benefit amount. If this was the situation, EDD would have kept you on your old claim, added an extension and then deferred your new claim until the expiration of these federal programs.   You can look at your correspondence from EDD around the time you filed for your new claim.  EDD would have sent you an award letter, then a denial letter, and then an extension letter.  

This program is a regular UI claim and has a 26 week life span.  There is a weekly benefit amount, but now without the federal boost of $300.   EDD says they will automatically place eligible claimants on this deferred claim.  Check your UI online account for notices.  As of most recent certification date of October 3, 2021, many eligible claimants are reporting they have still have not been moved to this new claim and have been unable to certify.  If you are in this situation, it is advisable to call into EDD to find out what the issue is.

  • Regular UI. This is the traditional unemployment program for W-2 people who have become unemployed through no fault of their own.  The program is 26 weeks in duration and claimants will have to certify their eligibility every two weeks.   You are only allowed one UI claim during a year so if you are still within your benefit year, you will not be eligible for regular UI.  FAQs -expiration of benefits, Sept 4th